Best Temporary Hair Color Spray

They say that a woman who changes her hair, changes her life, but what if she doesn’t want to change it permanently?

There are lots of instances when women feel like they want to do something to themselves, maybe out of boredom or sometimes for redemption. Whatever the reasons may be, a lot of women, and some men, just can’t stay stuck wearing the same look over and over again.

Best Temporary Hair Color Spray Reviewed

Color Hairspray Review

Product Highlights:

This temporary hair color spray comes in a pack of 24 cans at 3-ounces each. It has a range of 6 colors including green, blue, silver/gray, purple, pink, and red. Each color screams with vibrancy and the nozzles of the sprays work well.


  • Great color pay-off
  • Very easy to use
  • Really affordable


  • Has an unpleasant smell when sprayed, but it doesn’t smell bad on the hair

Color Hairspray Review​ Verdict:

It is one of the cheapest brands in the market that does amazingly well. The colors are bright and opaque, no matter what hair color you use it on. They come in good quality spray cans, too.

L’Oreal Paris Hair Color Colorista 1-Day Spray Review

Product Highlights:

The Colorista Spray is a line of hair coloring sprays from L’Oreal. Along with this line are semi-permanent sprays for brunettes and for blondes. They also have an all over bleach in this range. The 1-day color spray, in particular, is a temporary hair color allows for the vivid color to appear on all hair types.

It comes in a wide range of colors including silver, blue, gold, hot pink, mint, pastel lavender, pastel blue, pastel pink, purple, and rose gold.


  • Works on all hair types and colors
  • Has a quick spray application
  • No ammonia and no peroxide
  • No bleaching required


  • Leaves the hair sticky and stiff
  • Possible color bleeding

​​​​L’Oreal Paris Hair Color Colorista 1-Day Spray Review​ Verdict:

It’s a great product from a great brand, plus the colors they carry are very unique and not too loud.

Jerome Russel B Wild Color Spray Review

Product Highlights:

The B Wild Color Spray from Jerome Russel is a temporary coloring spray that adds wild hues or highlights to your hair. It gives an intense pay-off without requiring the use of tints, bleaches, or peroxides.

Each can have 3.5 ounces of product in a variety of colors with funky names such as Lynx Pink, Cougar Red, Jaguar Green, Bengal Blue, Panther Purple, Siberian White, and Tiger Orange. 


  • Intense color pay-off
  • No stains on the scalp
  • Safe for kids use


  • Makes the hair brittle and difficult to style
  • Prone to staining certain materials

Jerome Russel B Wild Color Spray Review Verdict:

It’s a good product that does the job with a variety of fun colors.

High Beams Intense Temporary Spray-on Hair Color Review

Product Highlights:

Adding pizzazz to your hair has never been easy with the help of High Beams Intense Temporary Spray-on Hair Color. Its color payoff really makes a bold statement on its own. There are no risks of damaging the hair and it washes very easily.


  • Intense color opacity, even on dark hair


  • High risk of staining
  • Makes the hair stiff once applied

High Beams Intense Temporary Spray-on Hair Color Review​ Verdict:

This High Beams Spray-on Hair Color gives off the great color intensity that won’t trouble you when it’s time to wash it off. This Headbangin Blue, in particular, is one of the best blue color sprays out in the market and the best temporary hair color spray for dark hair.

A Change Of Hair

There is completely nothing wrong with change. In fact, most of the time, change is good. When women go through break-ups, most of the time they cut or color their hairs.

Doing something different with one’s hair can either mean so little or so much in a person. Sometimes the reason for such a transformation is just so they could feel more confident in themselves. Other times, it is simply a case of moving forward. But nowadays, more and more people go through these changes just so they can have a little fun.

With the many events happening here and there such as concerts and festivals, people want a temporary change to their looks that can still make a huge impact. You can’t buy a haircut just to have it for a day, right? But you can have your hair colored and just easily wash it off the very next day.

Buying a Temporary Hair Color Spray

A temporary hair color spray is basically a hairspray with color. It is widely used for special events like Halloween, festivals, and parties. A colored hair spray can change up your lookentirely with minimal effort and it is quite inexpensive. Looking for the best temporary hair color spray is a fairly easy task, but there are still some things you should consider before hitting that “Buy Now” button.


A lot of well-known hair brands have branched out to producing colored hair sprays. Choosing one from a brand you know and love might probably the best thing to do especially if it will be your first time to buy one. Doing this will, at least, assure you that you are getting a good quality product.

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Color Pay-off

Depending on how and where you are going to use a colored hair spray, finding one that has a great color opacity should be something worth considering. Some sprays don’t necessarily appear as what they are advertised to look like, so it is important to do some research and go through customer reviews. Another thing you should also consider when choosing for color and its payoff is the hair color you already have. Those with lighter hair has an easier time with application and pay-off but there is a tendency of staining. With darker hair, on the other hand, sprays with little color pay-off might not even appear at all.


This will depend on the brand and the quality you are looking for, but if the event you want to use it for is not necessarily too important, you can get away with a cheaper alternative. Just make sure that it is still safe for you.

Tips on Using Temporary Hair Color Sprays

These temporary hair color sprays are really fun and easy to use. It is best to spray this outdoors instead of indoors as the fumes can be a little overwhelming. The color would usually last until you wash it off although there are some cases where the color has left stains on the hair a few more days. To avoid this, try spraying a small section of your hair first and see if it comes right off after one wash. Any shampoo works well in removing these kinds of temporary color sprays.

Overall, these coloring hair sprays are amazing for special events and even for everyday use. There’s a wide range of colors and textures, such as hair shimmer sprays that allows anyone to be creative. Some people even use these as a temporary black hair dye or a temporary white hair dye. It’s affordable and it works.

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