The Best Products to Use After Microneedling

With the current popularity of microneedling, more and more people are turning to this innovative procedure to keep their skin tight and beautiful.

The treatment is very safe, clean, and effective, no matter if you do it at home or at a professional spa or clinic. And just like other beauty treatments, it is crucial to follow a carefully planned regimen after getting a microneedling treatment. You might be wondering what serums to use with Microneedling? We got you covered.

This aftercare is extremely beneficial in maximizing the effects of the procedure as well as to greatly minimize the skin’s healing time and process.

The Best Microneedling Aftercare Products

Eva Naturals Skin Clearing Serum Vitamin C+ Review

Product Highlights:

If you’re looking for an all-in-one microneedling serum that will hydrate, protect, repair, and clear your skin, then this is the one. The Eva Naturals Vitamin C+ is a skin clearing serum that contains 20% Vitamin C, 2% Salicylic Acid, 5% Hyaluronic Acid, 3.5% Niacinamide, 2% Retinol, and 10% MSM.

It’s basically a Holy Grail serum that caters to most skin problems including aging and saggy skin, acne, dryness, and dullness. This incredible formula is also loaded with antioxidants to not only help fight those skin issues but to maximize the benefits of the ingredients.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Hydrating and nourishing
  • For all skin types


  • Has a distinct smell

Eva Naturals Vitamin C+ Serum Review​ Verdict:

The Eva Naturals Skin Clearing Serum Vitamin C+ is a total package. Packed with vitamins, essential oils, and other organic ingredients, this serum is truly perfect for everyone.

This serum reverses skin damages while nourishing the skin and allowing for a radiant complexion to show through. Overall, this product is well loved by its consumers as it delivers fast and great results.

YEOUTH Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review

Product Highlights:

This Hyaluronic Acid Serum from YEOUTH is made from 100% pure medical grade ingredients that promise to plump and hydrate the skin. 

This particular serum works well with all skin types and conditions including those that just underwent a microneedling treatment. It’s even safe for use around the eye area.

It’s a great serum to moisturize the skin without any irritation or greasy feeling. Aside from its hydrating properties, it also boosts collagen production of the skin which helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Pure, high-quality ingredients
  • Safe and strong formula
  • Moisturizing and anti-aging


  • May cause skin to peel

YEOUTH Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review​​ Verdict:

The YEOUTH Pure Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful serum that gives back moisture to the skin while it helps fight signs of aging. It’s safe even for sensitive skin and is incredibly easy to use. All in all, its a pretty good serum to use with Dermaroller.

Natural Scar Cream Review

Product Highlights:

This Natural Scar Cream is formulated with Vitamin E to help treat and fade scars from surgery, stretch marks, acne, and even scars from the various beauty or skin treatments.

Since microneedling basically punctures the skin, which leaves the skin practically injured, this cream is a wonderful product to use post-treatment.

With ingredients such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Kokum Butter, and other various essential oils, this scar cream replenishes the nutrients that the skin has lost and eventually alleviating scars and deep lines. It also has Avocado Oil to help strengthen and tighten the skin cells and pores leaving you with only glowing and smooth skin.


  • With Bio-Active ingredients
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Nourishes the skin while fading scars
  • Hypoallergenic Formula


  • Requires religious use

Natural Scar Cream Review​​​ Verdict:

This Scar Cream is a truly versatile product that does wonders for healing the skin and making it look even better. It has natural and hypoallergenic ingredients with no added parabens, fragrances, and no harsh chemicals. It repairs the skin while it nourishes and hydrates.

Ella Freda Retinol Moisturizer Review

Product Highlights:

The Ella Freda Organics Retinol Moisturizer is a rejuvenating and anti-aging product packed with all the goodness from Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, and Jojoba Oil.

This Retinol cream gives visible results including smoother fine lines and wrinkles and a more radiant and younger-looking skin.

It is also formulated with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Shea Butter to ensure optimum hydration of the skin. Aside from this, the unique blend of the Retinol and the Hyaluronic Acid increases the thickness and elasticity of the skin.


  • Great product for the price
  • Has 5 proven Bio-Active ingredients
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Made in the USA


  • No indication of ingredients on the product

Ella Freda Retinol Moisturizer Review​​​​ Verdict:

The Ella Freda Organics Retinol Moisturizer is an excellent overall cream that not only hydrates but also combats the signs of aging. It also works great as a post-microneedling cream to help bring back the moisture to the skin and stimulate the collagen which aids in skin regeneration.

Microneedling Aftercare For Your Skin

Regardless of having the microneedling treatment professionally done or by using one of those Do-It-Yourself microneedling pens, aftercare is highly encouraged. The treatment will leave your skin feeling tighter than usual, which is actually normal. You will also expect some redness which is accompanied by the feeling of spending hours in the sun, to the point where you have a moderate sunburn.

All of these cases are common effects of the microneedling therapy. It is wise to do your research on what to expect after so that you can prepare for the next step which is the aftercare.

But before we get into the main point of this entire article, here are a few steps in taking care of skin that is fresh from a microneedling treatment including a few additional aftercare tips.

Taking Care of Your Skin


After going through a microneedling procedure, your skin will feel a little raw and tender. But this does not mean that you are no longer required to clean your skin. Over the next 72 hours post-treatment, only a very gentle cleanser and tepid water should be used to wash your skin. Be absolutely sure that your hands are as clean as possible to avoid infections or irritations while doing this step.

Hydrate and Heal

The tight feeling of a treated area of your skin is mainly because it is much drier than normal. It is important to bring back the moisture and hydration back to the skin.

Products that contain or is mostly hyaluronic acid is excellent to restore your skin’s balance. And since the microneedling treatment is basically injuring your skin to allow for a natural rejuvenation, you need to let your skin heal completely.

For this, using an antioxidant serum, which contains properties that soothe the skin and reduce irritation, will help. Apart from this, in order to let the skin heal, it is important to avoid applying makeup for up to 72 hours after the procedure.

Stimulate and Regenerate

To maximize the regeneration process and stimulation, using collagen-stimulating peptides is highly recommended in order to get the most out of your treatment. This helps speed up the actual effects of microneedling itself.


Since the skin is practically injured, it is crucial to protect it at least for an entire week. This means applying chemical-free sunscreen and avoiding any sun exposure, tanning beds, as well as swimming.

It is also recommended to refrain from working out for the first 72 hours at best since the sweating can lead to detrimental reactions in the treated area.


Since the skin is practically injured, it is crucial to protect it at least for an entire week. This means applying chemical-free sunscreen and avoiding any sun exposure, tanning beds, as well as swimming.

It is also recommended to refrain from working out for the first 72 hours at best since the sweating can lead to detrimental reactions in the treated area.

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