Best Hair Color for my Skin Tone

There's a lot of talk about image changes, getting another haircut, using a new makeup or changing hair color. But if we choose the latter, it is vital to understand that hair color must be in harmony with our skin tone and eye color.

Everybody doesn't look good in the same shade, that is why you should go to a color expert who knows which is the perfect combination that will highlight your attributes.

For a pale face or very light skin

It is advisable to use the color range in hazel, warm chestnut, mahogany and copper tones.

Hair Color for Very Light Skin

For light skin and light eyes

It is best to use a shade ranging from light blond to medium or a hazelnut color. For a more dramatic look, dark hair tones will suit you very well, as they will frame your gaze and highlight your pupils, making them stand out in your overall appearance.

For light skin and dark eyes

Choose a chestnut shade that goes with mahogany and, above all, rule out platinum and bluish blacks, as the latter hardens the features.

For pink skin

It is good to choose a shade from the range of blondes or warm chestnuts because they will reduce the pink of your cheeks. Avoid black or dark red tones, which do not look good on this skin tone.

For a dark face

The mahogany tones and the whole range of chestnut trees will suit you very well. Avoid tones and shades that are too light or dark; mid-tones are more suitable. Black and blond hair don't look good on dark skins, in most cases.

For dark face and dark eyes

It is best to combine with both reddish and brown tones, but very light blondes should be discarded. 

Best hair color for darker skin tones

The choice should incline towards chestnut trees with slight coppery touches.

For pink skin and light eyes

Choose a golden color, because it will give a touch of light to your face.

For pink skin and dark eyes 

It is better if you prefer a hazelnut color or medium chestnut.

These recommendations are to guide us towards the color that suits us best, but if you are one of those who likes to try and vary, try! If you do not like it, you will change again.

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