Best Face Shapes for Pixie Haircuts

Pixie cuts have many advantages, one of which is the convenience of combing your hair in a short time, another is that it never gets tangled up in closures on clothes or backpacks. Also, you don't have to spend hours drying it and curling or ironing it. Are you almost convinced to use one? If so, then you need to know the different cuts that work well for your type of face.

Pixie Cut for Triangular face

The key to making a pixie look good if the face is diamond shaped is to balance the dimension that exists between the chin and forehead. It is recommended to make long bangs with lots of volumes. If you have curly hair try to wear it on your forehead and if it is straight then move it to the side, this way your cheekbones and jaw will stand out.

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Pixie cut for round face

Pixie Cut for Round face

Round faces do well with volume. The best cuts are those of mane at the height of the cheek with little semi-long layers at the crown that add volume, with them you will get to give elongated shape to the face and also look more defined.

Pixie Cut for Square

The jaw is one of the highlighted features of the face, so the pixie cut has to be at the height of the ears. In the upper part, it should have a disordered style and with enough volume, if possible with a long fringe. This will soften the pronunciation of the jaw and round the appearance of the face.

Pixie Cut for oval face

Different pixie cuts go well thanks to the fact that the shape of the face fits the volume, the fringe up to the height of the cheeks and the shaved hair on the sides.

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