5 Benefits of Dancing

Sometimes, we understand exercise or physical activity as something that necessarily forces us to go to the gym. It almost seems that if we don’t sign up, we're not doing sports.

The reality is entirely different, and that is that many physical activities can take place outside a machine room and that have as many benefits as the gym.

It's essential for each of us to choose an activity with which we feel comfortable and with which we are going to generate adherence. These options include attending dance classes. The possibilities here are extensively based on our tastes. The options are many, and the benefits vary.

Benefits of dancing

Helps to take care of our heart

The American Heart Association recommends dancing as an activity to keep us active and thus promote the well-being of our heart. It's no wonder that dancing is an aerobic exercise that improves our cardiovascular health.

Dancing keeps us active

A study published in Harvard Health Publishing found that moderate to the intense practice of some dance was associated with a lower risk of dying from some heart diseases. This effect was slightly bigger than walking for our cardiovascular health.

Helps us lose weight

If the idea is to do some exercise to help us lose weight, dancing may be as good an option as other activities. Several studies have found how aerobic dancing is effective in reducing body fat within a weight loss plan.

Some research has even found that dancing burns more calories than running or biking. In total, about 293kcal per half-hour compared to the 264kcal that running would burn.

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Promotes flexibility and endurance

In general, dancing helps us to improve our physical condition as it forces us to acquire specific physical abilities such as endurance, strength or flexibility. Not only that, but it will help us improve our body posture and help us to better coordinate movements.

Help reduce stress

Suffering from stress is one of the most common situations today, albeit on an occasional basis. Performing this type of exercise can help us release this stress and make us feel more relaxed and happy.

Dancing happily

It is because doing this physical activity helps us release endorphins. Not only that, but it would also help to regulate serotonin and dopamine. In short, attending dance classes can be our remedy against stress.

Reduces social isolation

If you want to meet people or if, for whatever reason, you've ended up in a situation where you're slightly lonely, attending dance classes is a great way to make friends. Due to the sense of well-being that dancing creates, people attending the course will be in a good mood, and the atmosphere will be relaxed.

If all these benefits do not convince us, performing dance seems to have others such as boosting our self-esteem, improving memory, among others. Knowing this, if you don't like the gym but want to start some physical activity, you can try some dance knowing that the benefits you will get are many and varied.

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