Bathing Suits for Body Types

According to the most widespread classifications, there are five different types of female body:

  • Oval or apple. Thin extremities, broad shoulders. The weight is concentrated in the middle of the body and chest.
  • Rectangular. Proportionally the same width along the entire trunk.
  • Triangular or pear. The lower part of your body is more noticeable.
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    Hourglass. Waist smaller - proportionally - compared to the shoulders and hips.
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    Inverted triangle. The shoulders protrude above the hips.

In this image, you can see more or less how the proportions are for each body type and try to identify which one most closely resembles yours.

It is essential to know what body you have to know which garments best fit your silhouette because, as you can imagine, it is not the same garments that a woman with wide hips needs as a woman with narrow hips. And that also happens with bathing suits.

Once you identify your body type and read this article, you will be much better prepared to find the perfect swimsuit for your body type.

Bikini fashion tips


You don't necessarily have to carry the perfect measurements to have an hourglass body. In fact, many curvy models do. It's more of the proportions mentioned above.

However, even if we don't like the measurements, it's true that if you have this body, you have a great advantage over the rest of women because any bikini will fit you well. You can opt for all the cuts and styles that, whatever you wear, will suit you.


If you have this type of body, you should know that the best bikini for you is the one that defines the hip, for example, a panty that has the fine thread on the sides or has a different color on the sides than the front. It makes the hips stand out and create an optical effect that gives you more curve.

Another option is to choose a trikini, a perfect swimsuit to give more shape to your silhouette and enhance your hips. You can also select panties that have ruffles or striking prints, something that contrasts with the top, so you get a differential effect giving more prominence to your hips.

Bikini for voluptuous women

Oval or Apple

It is a body in which the back is round, the breasts are voluminous, and the thighs are also considerable. It seems to create a "roundness" effect, and therefore it is essential to choose a good bikini for this type of body.

We will choose swimwear that manages to stylize the figure because what we are looking for is to reduce a little that roundness and get a slimmer silhouette and molded. Opt for designs that stylize (vertical stripes, dark colors such as black, etc.) and avoid too striking prints.

Also, for this type of body, more than a bikini is recommended to opt for a swimsuit because this garment gets much more stylize the figure and lengthen the torso.


This silhouette is marked by women who have little chest and yet have more pronounced and broader hips.

In this case, the best type of bikini for your body is the one in which the upper part is highlighted. We want to create harmony in your silhouette and, therefore, we must lower the presence of the hips so that attention falls on the chest.

Therefore, we recommend that you choose bikinis with prints or bright colors on the top and, on the other hand, do not add striking elements in the panty. It is better if neutral and without drawings.

Try to avoid bikinis with bows because they increase the feature of the hips. You should always give added importance to the upper part so that your body looks symmetrical.

Inverted Triangle

These bodies are the opposite of the previous ones; that is to say, the woman has a lot of chests and, nevertheless, very few hips.

What we will look for with the swimsuit will be precisely the same as we said in the previous point: harmonize the silhouette and get a more homogeneous body.

Woman in a bikini

Therefore, the bikinis for this body will be those in which we give more importance to the hips and subtract the presence of the bust. Consequently, we will look for bikinis with printed panties, with fringes, with frills and so on to give more presence to the hips. On the other hand, the upper part will have to be lowered with more neutral garments, without patterns or strident colors.

In this case, the panties with bows will look great on your body because they will enhance your curves and give more strength to the hips.

With these tips, you are sure to find the perfect swimsuit for your body type.

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