Are Electric Toothbrushes Really Better?

In more and more bathrooms, electric toothbrushes are replacing hand care, and more and more people are shaking instead of scrubbing. But does the electric toothbrush really offer better oral hygiene or can you even harm your teeth with it?

Most customers who buy an electric toothbrush opt for one with a rotating brush head. Further development of this is the so-called sonic toothbrushes, whose brush head cleans with an oscillation frequency of 250 to 300 Hertz.

The advantage of these new generations of toothbrushes is obvious: they clean much more accurately than conventional products. To further intensify this effect, many people press hard, and make a serious mistake: they brush away the enamel! People should not do it especially when the brush head is praised as "ultra-sensitive."

Healthy teeth

The result is teeth that are no longer adequately protected against irritation and damage, caries and cold. The more cleaning bodies toothpaste contains (e.g., smoker's or tartar toothpaste), the higher the danger there is.

Such damage to the enamel can no longer be reversed. However, special toothpaste containing fluorine help to build up new enamel. The dentist applies special preparations (especially on the necks of the teeth), and it can be annoying sometimes.

The toothbrush may only "dance" on the tooth; it must not be pressed on. It also applies to conventional variants - sensitive teeth, but also gum loss and long necks are usually the results of wrong brushing techniques.

Meanwhile, too long brushing that takes over two to three minutes is not advisable because the tooth does not get cleaner than clean.

If you have any doubts about your brushing technique, the best advice you can get is from a dentist you trust. Apart from the excellent advice to also use dental floss and mouthwashes, the "mixed version" often comes up. It means:

  • First, you use an (ultrasensitive) electric toothbrush whose brush head is easy to handle both in shape and in size. (floss and rinses, too).
  • And then, you should notice the great smoothness on the teeth gives way to a slight roughness despite the electric toothbrush.
  • Have your teeth cleaned by your dentist every half year so that tartar and gum problems do not stand a chance.

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