true anti aging turn back time

True Anti Aging – Turn Back Time

Everyone wants to look and feel like their youngest self. Being an adult is great and all, but with the age comes not only the responsibility but also dull, saggy skin with fine lines and wrinkles. Thankfully, it has become pretty easy to go back in time. I’m not talking about time machines or spaceships for that matter. All I’m saying is that if you follow a good system and stick with it, it will be as if you’ve never aged at all.

Here are some anti-aging tips to help you look (and feel) more youthful.

Skin Care to look and feel younger

Aside from having a healthy diet and exercising, taking care of your skin is a major step towards looking young all the time. You can either do this internally by taking supplements, externally by using creams and lotions or even use modern skin care tools like the Dermawand that we tested. That being said, just because an item says it’s a cream, doesn’t always mean it’s good for your face. If you’re reading this part and have a big, imaginary question mark on top of your head, don’t worry. Here are a few tips to consider before we dive into our anti-aging secrets.

Know Your Skin

Being familiar with your skin is the most important thing when it comes to skin care. It means you can easily choose which products work best for you, and which ones you should stay away from.

Try and Test

Don’t worry if you don’t see results after using a product for the first time. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for products to have an effect on your skin. Have a bit of patience and wait for results. If you don’t see any, switch to a different brand or product.

Prevent Any Damages

Just like how we prevent ourselves from getting sick, the same concept applies to skin care. Protecting your skin from harsh environments is way easier than repairing all that damage.

Consult a Professional

When you’ve done all the research you could do and nothing is still working right for you, perhaps you should consider getting professional help. Go to your dermatologist and get your skin checked. Doing this can determine whether you’re allergic or immune to certain ingredients in skin care products and eventually lead you into using those that might actually work on you.

Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks

Now that the basics are out of the way, it’s time to tackle the main problem at hand. If you want your skin to look forever young, here are some of the best practices that even professionals swear by.

Sun Screen

One of the most common ways we damage our skin is by simply being exposed to direct sunlight without any protection. Sun damage may not appear overnight, but it leaves some pretty long-lasting effects on our skin such as sun spots and dry skin. To prevent this from even happening, see to it that you are always wearing sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30.

Vitamin C

Whether it’s in a supplement or in one of your beauty products, Vitamin C is key to a youthful looking skin. It helps fight lackluster skin as well as target wrinkles and fine lines.


It doesn’t matter whether you have an oily skin or a dry skin, we all need to moisturize. Nourishing the skin with the use of a good moisturizer will help keep the skin looking younger.

Straws and Cigarettes

Though the dissimilarity is quite far from each other, using straws and smoking both contribute to developing wrinkles due to the facial motion. Obviously, smoking is worse but maybe think twice about drinking out of a straw next time.

Settle for Silk

Despite mastering all these regimens, most people tend to neglect the most important part of the anti-aging process – sleep. When we sleep, our body is in full rest mode, therefore allowing all those products and supplements we took to really kick in. Unfortunately, we often forget that what we rest upon also matters. The usual cotton and polyester fabric on our sheets and pillowcases tug at our delicate skin. Consider investing in a silk or satin pillowcase, at least, to allow your skin to just slide on the pillow.


Exercising was recently found to aid in slowing the signs of skin aging. If a healthier weight and physique doesn’t motivate you enough to exercise, perhaps this finally will.

Clean Up Before Bed

It’s a golden beauty rule to never sleep with makeup on. Even if you didn’t wear any makeup, dirt and residue can still be in your face which will end up clogging your pores. Failing to wash your face before going to bed prevents your skin to regenerate while you sleep, so make sure to clean up well.


Even though we all age at some point, skin care is a very personal matter. Our bodies are wired differently than others and what works for them, might not work for you. The key here is to have patience and dedication especially if you want to see results.

True Anti Aging – Turn Back Time
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True Anti Aging – Turn Back Time
Everyone wants to look and feel like their youngest self. Being an adult is great and all, but with the age comes not only the responsibility but also dull, saggy skin with fine lines and wrinkles.
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Kasil Jean
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