ageless beauty secrets world should know

Ageless Beauty Secrets the World Should Know

Thanks to technology, our daily lives have never been the same again. We wake up to social media statuses of “I woke up like this” and hashtags of OOTD (Outfit of the Day). We sleep to the release of cosmetics craze and launch of diet fads. The drive to look good has never been this intense. Everyone wants to put their best foot forward and be appreciated for their looks.

In the middle of all these, there are beauty secrets out there yet to be uncovered and be experienced. You will be delighted to know that it is quite easy to follow these secrets.

Brace yourself for a collection of new essentials as you will have more reasons to spruce up.
Here are 8 ageless beauty tips the world should know now. Take heed and be inspired!

1. Vietnamese Secret to a Flawless Look

Have you been curious about how to achieve spotless skin without putting on concealers? Well, Vietnamese ladies do well from the power of tomatoes, milk, and honey. When these are mixed together, they give a potent use for beauty.

Let’s take a look at what each element can do:

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    ​​​​​​​​Tomatoes are loaded with Lycopene, Vitamins A, C, B6 and Potassium. Because of this, it is a versatile ingredient that can be used on the face, hair, and body. 
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    Honey is known for its capacity to inhibit skin aging. 
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    Milk has a brightening and moisturizing properties.

A teaspoon of each is needed in concocting a mask. Let this blend sit on your skin on the face and body for 20 minutes. Rinse it off using cold water. As a hair conditioner, use the extracted juice and let your scalp seep it in for 5 to 10 minutes.

This is a timeless trick that Vietnamese ladies have pulled off for decades and decades.

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2. Russian Secret to a Youthful Glow

It’s not enough to have a clean and clear look. It is more attractive to have that radiant and healthy glow as well. There’s something we can learn from the Russians on this ageless beauty tip called “Contrast Showers”.

To achieve a shining rosy look, Russians believe blood circulation has to be stimulated. In taking a bath, it is their routine to have both hot and cold elements together.

Here is what they do to get that rosy look!

They start off with a hot bath and finish off with a cold water splash. While they are inside the steam bathroom, a beauty expert will spank and slap them with wet plant branches.

These may include eucalyptus, birch or maple. The hot vibe plus the spanking flushes the body with blood. The cold shower increases their energy levels.

Need we say more? This Russian beauty secret does shake things up!

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3. Japanese Beauty Secret to a Hydrated Appearance

When you see snails, where do you want them crawling? On soil or on your skin? Yes, you heard it right!

Japanese are known to be fussy about skin care. They put a high premium on a nourished-looking skin as this bring personal and professional benefits.

One savvy element that they use is the “Snail Mucin”. It is common to find spas where they let 3 to 4 snails climb on the skin of their clients.

How can you benefit from letting snails walk on your face?

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    The snake secretes the mucin which is rich with Hyaluronic Acid that sloughs off dead skin cells. 
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    The slime is a healer that has the power to enhance skin texture, leaving it moisturized.

Are you ready to let our friendly snails move around your skin?

You will surely have that plumper look you’ve always wanted.

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4. Brazilian Beauty Secret to a Sultry Vibe

Haven’t you noticed how sparkling the skin is of Brazilians? Thanks to its surrounding rainforest, Brazil has something great to offer to the world when it comes to enhancing beauty.

In the heart of the Amazon forest lies this powerful element. The secret to that sultry Brazilian vibe comes from a sultry fruit as well: the Cupuacu.

What is the power behind this fruit?

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    This fruit is opulent with fatty acids that nourish the skin and gives it a supple pinch.