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Power up with 8G!

8Greens Review

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8Greens Effervescent Super Greens Dietary Supplement Review

Nature is full of resources to sustain life. This 8Greens is nature in the form of a tablet.

Just as the name suggests, 8Greens stands for eight green essential ingredients, so which are the 8 Greens Ingredients? Spinach, wheat grass, kale, blue-green algae, spirulina. aloe vera, chlorella, and barley grass.

Among these key formulas, blue-green algae are considered the most vital because of their rarity and potency. It is the major factor why 8G came to exist.

Each effervescent tablet contains as low as 10 calories. It is enriched with Vitamins C, B5, B12, and B6 which are equivalent to 6 oranges, 15 cups of broccoli, 7 cups of milk, and 6 cups of spinach respectively. Additionally, it has 55% zinc and 2% potassium.

This dietary supplement is formulated with natural greens which are dehydrated in order to preserve their nutrition.

It is 100% pure and natural without preservatives. Other substances excluded are sugar, wheat, gluten, allergens, dairy, and salt. It’s perfect for those health-conscious people who are vulnerable to dairy products and other things that could trigger allergies.

8 Greens Health Benefits:

  • Great source of vitamins and minerals
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Stabilizes the body’s pH levels

In order to preserve and utilize the nutrients from the 8 leading ingredients, 8G has been created by extracting the nutrients from the 8 greens through dehydration. Once you dissolve the tablet in the water, a glass of it has the ability to provide you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to enliven your body.

The supplement promises to wash away all the toxins we tend to get from the wrong food we eat.

After getting rid of harsh elements from the body, our internal organs return to function normally. Taking this supplement every day will surely boost the immune system and make you ready for any exhausting activity that will challenge you.

Finally, it alkalizes the body and stabilizes the pH levels required by different organs. If all parts receive the proper acidity level, this will make them function harmoniously.

8 Greens Skin Benefits:

  • Improves skin appearance
  • Slows down aging
  • Promotes cell production
  • Reduces inflammation

Many of the cosmetic brands these days do not only target the external health of the skin but also desire to influence its internal processes.

How? The method is to develop products that could be orally taken and affect skin health. 

This trend has been increasingly embraced by many in the cosmetic industry and it effectively works.

The main reason why 8G was made was to improve one’s health. However, recent studies show that it also has great effects on the skin.

In order to make your skin appear beautiful, your body has to be oxygenated and that is exactly what 8G does. The natural greens are rich in vitamins and antioxidants needed to achieve a glowing skin.

Spinach, kale, and broccoli, for example, make the skin strong by promoting more collagen in order to fight skin deterioration. Zinc is also an important element to cure acne and other skin blemishes. It normalizes the body’s circulation and reduces the look of inflammation. The B-vitamins in 8G brings back the skin’s elasticity and tone.

How to Use 8G

It’s easy to make 8G part of your healthy lifestyle. One tablet is full of nutrients to complement your diet.

There is no specific time to drink 8G. You could enjoy this healthy drink in the morning to start your day well or in the afternoon after a long tiring day. When you are sick and don’t have the appetite, this supplement will supply your body the needed nutrition to be energized again.

If you’re traveling, don’t forget to load a tube of 8G into your bag.

Enjoying a nutritious beverage has been made this easy. Just put the tablet in a glass of water. Let it bubble and wait until it dissolves. You may consume a glass of it 3 times a day and once for your 4 to 8-year-old kids.

How does 8G Taste

Looking at the leafy ingredients, you must be imagining a grass-like yucky taste. But this one is different.

This 8G dietary drink has a taste of a citrus. It is a bit sweet with an alternative acesulfame K and sucralose that act as a sweetener rather than sugar. You may also serve it iced like your favorite juice. The taste is enjoyable and healthy and so is the smell. Everybody will surely love the taste of the natural greens in 8G. It is perfect for many vegetarians out there.


  • All natural, no preservatives
  • Low calorie, sugar-free
  • Easy-dissolve tablet
  • For children and adults


  • Smell and taste may not be pleasant for some

8Greens Dietary Supplement Review​ Verdict:

8Greens Dietary Supplement is a super healthy drink to be added to your diet. It contains 8 natural greens and essential elements to boost your immune system and enhance skin health.

Introduction to 8Greens

Dawn Russell, the founder of 8G herself, desires to find a way to cope with a demanding lifestyle using a healthy and energizing supplement.

After many years of trial and error, Russell, together with the devoted experts, introduced 8Greens in 2015.

Find out more about this amazing 8G product.

8G Review Summary

Many 8G advocates and users have been satisfied with the real greens health benefits. Many saw the difference after including them on their diet.

You could prove it too!

If you want to know more about 8G, you could read 8 Greens tablet reviews from the product’s website or at Amazon. Make sure to purchase the product from reliable sources only. Learn where to buy this amazing supplement.

You wouldn’t know, 8G could be the answer you have been waiting for. Just imagine the countless changes it could bring you.

Supply your body with the essential nutrients found in nature. It is simply effortless to make the green juice out of a fizzy tablet.

Thats it for this 8G Essential Greens Booster Review! Drink well! Taste wellness!

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