7 Most Sought-After Face Treatments

Healthy skin with minimal marks of the passage of time can be achieved with some treatments for the face that manages to get rid of the marks of the age and renew the epidermis. They have the advantage of requiring minimal aftercare, as opposed to cosmetic operations. They almost do not imply risks for the health.

These are the most sought-after face treatments:

Deep Facial Cleansing

Proper facial cleansing can be achieved with quality products. If you don't use cosmetics that work intensely, impurities often remain in the lower layers of the skin. It is why a deep facial cleansing can eradicate impurities that have reached the subcutaneous parts. It allows you to renew your natural metabolic function without obstructions.

Chemical Peel

For the skin to renew itself, it is sometimes necessary to remove the upper part for it to regenerate and show a luxuriant shape. The chemical peel burns the superficial parts of the skin with specific products established by the specialist.

It causes the surface to peel so that it emerges in a renewed form in a few days. It eliminates imperfections such as sunspots and reduces much of the wrinkles.

Laser Treatment

This procedure seeks to correct skin defects through the action of pulsed light. Its results may include the removal of stains, removal of spider veins and reduction of age marks. It grants an immediate general rejuvenation.

Facial Stimulation Between Face Treatments

Another undesirable effect of the passage of time is the loss of tone and elasticity in the face. Using the stimulation provided by special electrodes, the facial muscles are toned, eliminating flaccidity in the facial features.

Too hairy

Progressive hair removal with electrolysis

The persistence of facial hair in areas such as the eyebrows and chin is a frequent aesthetic problem. This procedure gradually eliminates hair growth in these areas or at least slows it down for a long time.

Teeth Whitening

Bright white teeth can give the impression of being up to 6 years younger than chronological teeth. It is the reason why teeth whitening provides an option to get rid of stains left by coffee, cigarettes, and some citrus fruits. It improves the overall appearance and provides security in daily life.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The skin can be favored by this procedure that is one of the treatments for the face that is also highly requested. It eliminates the accumulation of liquids to obtain a venous return that removes toxins and impurities. It is favorable to be used post-surgical processes since it eliminates marks such as hematomas resulting from aesthetic operations.

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