5 Beauty Tips for Rainy Days

In this article, we give you tips for your hairstyle, and makeup to remain perfect even though the day does not favor us. Do not let the water ruin the day!


Ponytail Hair

Opt for updos, braids or ponytails. Avoid fringes, as they have to be combed, and when wet you will get them curly and without shape (unless your hair is very straight). With these hairstyles, you can decorate them with chews, bows or tiaras.


Use waterproof products; these are our best allies in the rainy season. You can find them in many varieties such as eyeliner, mascara eyelashes, blush cream, and lipsticks.

Remember to have a lot of patience when removing this type of products, since they adhere to the skin because they are waterproof, treat them with care.


Rain boots

Get a rain boot that will give you a very sophisticated and cool look. This way you will protect your favorite shoes.


Get a small umbrella that fits in your purse, will get you out of any trouble and will definitely protect your look all day long.

Basic Kit

Do not forget your touch-up kit: compact powder, lipstick, a brush, hairpins, and hairspray. This useful kit will help you to keep looking radiant, and the best thing is that you do not need much.

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