15 Styling Tricks to Make Sure Your Hairstyle Remains Intact

For girls, hair is one of the parts of the body that requires more care, devotion, and love so that it always looks the way we want it to although there are days when the universe seems to conspire to turn it into a crazy beast that doesn't want to settle into its place.

For those days when you have little time to comb your hair, we have compiled 15 tricks to make your hair look beautiful and healthy, regardless of its length or texture. After checking them, you can quickly curl them or make your ponytail look voluminous.

1. Make your ponytail look longer

Instead of just making a ponytail, make two: one in the middle of your neck and one above. When you have them, arrange the top one to cover the mooring of the bottom one.

2. Color your hair with shadows

You don't need to go to the salon to have a couple of colorful highlights on your mane. You can make temporary hairstyles by applying eyelid shadows to your hair and putting fixative on top. In darker hair, the shade is not very intense, but it is a good option for those who do not want to bleach.

3. Curl up easily

Just make a giant roll with your semi-wet hair and blow dry for a minute or two. When you release it, it will have a very natural wavy shape.

Curl up your hair for a minute or two

4. To soothe rebellious hair

You don't need to bathe your head in hairspray or gel. You can apply a little on a toothbrush and attack those annoying little hairs so that they attach to the rest of your hair.

5. To untangle it

Mix one part conditioner with two parts water in a spray bottle. When you're brushing, apply a little to moisten your hair; doing so before knitting a few braids or a ribbon will ensure your hairstyle lasts longer.

Natural waves

6. Another option for curling

Collect your mane in a ponytail and with the use of the tongs, make a giant roller. Then loosen your hair, apply hairspray and peel it off a little.

7. Don't lose your hairpins all over the house again

Store your forks in a tick-tock box or a similar size one. The pill dispenser will help by giving you just a pair of brooches whenever you need them. You can style your curls according to your liking.

8. Brush before you go to bed

To make your hair more manageable, brush it before going to bed. If you can, you may also braid it.

9. For a temporary fringe

Use natural or artificial hair extensions and cut them to have bangs for a day.

Bangs for a day

10. Keep hairpins in place

Two minutes before using, apply a little hairspray, mousse or shampoo. This way, when you put them on, they will stick together and remain fixed.

11. For dry hair

Try a moisturizing mask with coconut oil.

Pick a haircut that suits you

12. Another way to get curls

Put a band on your head and tangle your hair for about an hour. When you release the rollers, put a little silica or oil to define them.

13. You don't know how to comb your hair anymore

Do it as usual, just add a one color scarf to match your day clothes.

14. Rinse your hair with lemon juice

You'll need a cup of lemon and a cup of hot water; mix them, put them in a sprinkler and apply to your hair until it's wet. If it's dry, add a quarter of conditioner to the mix. Leave for an hour or two and sit in the sun; remember to apply sunscreen to your skin.

Now, just wait for your hair to lighten. When the hair is blonde, you can use fantasy tones or tint with dyes to improve the color.

15. Your ponytail can be seen with more volume

 It's effortless: just cut your ponytail in half and place a medium collet holding the top. And then, comb it upwards as if you were making a crepe and drop it over the bottom half. Lay it down, and you'll have a bulkier ponytail.
Your ponytail can be seen with more volume
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