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Hi there! Welcome to, and big thanks for being here. I am Kasil Jean, a certified makeup artist, and all-in-all a beauty lover.

I have been obsessed with all things beauty since I was a kid. I can still remember going through my mom’s purse and taking each makeup product she had in there and I would try each one on. The different colors and textures fascinated me. I used to open them up and play with them whenever my mom is out of the room. Scroll down to continue reading..

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This website is dedicated to everyone who shares the same passion as I do. Makeup, health and beauty are topics that may seem so vague to a lot of people, and that is why I want to put out my knowledge out there, as much as I possibly can.

My passion for beauty started early..

Just imagine:

An 8-year-old girl using her mom’s eyeshadow quad as a crayon substitute and her face as her canvass.

Today, doing that is called “swatching” and is now a part of every beauty guru’s blog and video feature.

But here’s the point.

Playing with my mother’s makeup as if they were my toys was simply the beginning of a huge realization. Ever since that day, I always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted a life where makeup and beauty is part of it.

As I grew older, a lot of the decisions I have made were on par with my love for beauty. All of those years where I kept fumbling with my mom’s makeup bag has become my most favorite memory of my childhood.


I still have one of my mom’s old lipstick bullets hiding in my collection somewhere.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago, I realized that my love for cosmetics has simply become a part of who I am as a person. And when the time came for me to decide on my career, this memory played a huge role. And so I signed up for beauty school, learned the tricks, and studied even more.

While doing makeup on other people is my absolute passion, the supplementary aspects of beauty seemed to catch more and more of my interest. I studied and reviewed the tools and products I used for makeup and one day, I decided to write about it.

And you know what?

It has been amazing.

I was determined to have a place where all of my articles are collected and I wanted to share it with the world. And that is the day this website was born.

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